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Your Vision Is Our Top Priority

We provide personal, comprehensive, and affordable vision care. No two sets of eyes are the same, so we take the time to get to know you to give you your best possible vision. With high quality lenses, stylish frames, personal care, and advanced diagnostic technology, we are dedicated to helping you see your best.

Why We Do What We Do

Vision is a crucial part of our every day lives. From work to play to school, it is easy to take our ability to see for granted.

But many people don't see as well as they could. An estimated 30% of children experience uncorrected vision problems. With the risk of failing a grade more than 3 times higher for school children who have visual acuity below 20/20, we take improving our patients' eye sight very seriously.

Being able to see clearly and comfortably is essential for productivity and quality of life. In the US, refractive error (not seeing clearly) costs over 16 billion dollars. With our constant use of computers, phones, and tablets, the strain on our eyes is at an all time high, making proper eye care more important than ever.

We enjoy building relationships

Helping our community be healthy and vibrant is the foundation of what we do.
We partner with businesses and organizations in various ways, from vision discount plans to sponsoring community events.
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